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Thermal Insulation And Cooling Of Rods
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Insulation time is the workpiece thermal penetration and complete organizational transformation required time, generally based on steel, heating Ju degrees, heating equipment and installation of the most and the operation of the maintenance. The alloy steels are less thermal conductivity than the carbon cable steel. Austenite long time. So it requires a longer insulation time. Heating im High. The Guaranteed Ju time is short, the installation protects the biggest, the guaranteed Ju time is long. The Ju speed is slow, then the time can be shortened correspondingly, the Ju of Bao-ju, the length of the Q and heating Ju has the same effect, but a disproportionate relationship. In the condition that the requirement of normalizing heating is guaranteed, the reduction of the bone should be done when asked. Because it is guaranteed 91 time long. Apart from the possibility that the austenite ingot is bulky, the productivity is lowered. The decarburization degree of the rod surface will also be increased, which reduces the fatigue strength of the rods and the service life of the rods. So. The Pao should be treated as the heating conditions of the common body. The control of cooling speed is mainly based on the chemical composition of steel, climatic conditions. Cooling conditions. The hardness and metallographic microstructure of the steel are adjusted by the cutting size. Decide whether to wind Ling. The distance of the blower, the rod moving speed stacking or dispersing cooling.