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There Are Three Types Of Brazing Rods
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Drill rods can be said to be a very important hammer hammer accessories, broken hammer mainly through the impact of the drill rod, making the 

drill rod to break the rock and other objects.Different broken objects need to use different drill rods, the current common types of drill rods 

on the market there are three.

1. cone quadrilateral. Cone-shaped quadrupole drill rod is the most common type of market, this type of drill rod has a strong penetration, it

is characterized by the power concentrated in a little broken, it can produce a strong crushing force to Point break, even hard and difficult to

operate the object can also be easily broken, like high hardness of the rock, concrete and so on.

2. flat. Is often said that the word-shaped drill rod, working principle and cone quadrilateral,are the energy gathered in a little broken. But 

because it is flat design, it is more wear-resistant, more suitable for dealing with some hard broken objects. Like high hardness rock and other 


3. flat head shape. Flat head of the drill rod is generally used for two crushing, two broken is broken has broken objects or medium hardness of 

the object broken. Because it is flat-shaped design, there is no strong penetration, compared with the first two, more like a blunt device. 

The other two kinds of wear and tear occur at the end of the drill rod, while the flat head design of the drill wear only occurs in the length, 

it can also break the brittle, hard objects broken.


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