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Structural Design Of Hydraulic Crushing Hammer
- Apr 25, 2017 -

The main function of the Crusher is to deal with the large building materials, it is a very important working tool of the excavator, the general performance of the crusher and hydraulic type of the performance has a great difference, 1. Impact energy Enhancement structure design: Hydraulic crusher adopts optimum design concept, enlarges piston and cylinder stroke, adopts piston and brazing rod as big diameter, so that the match effect of crushing hammer and host is best, the highest output energy is utilized, energy saving is achieved and the efficiency is highest. 2. The use of high-quality materials special precision processing manufacturing: piston, the main bolt, the main body of the front, the cylinder, the main parts of the material, such as important after the hall company's strict quality inspection, can guarantee the highest quality. The piston, the main body, the oil cylinder, the main parts of the rear and other major use of the latest heat treatment equipment manufacturing, only years of technical experience to ensure the stability of good quality, especially with the crushing hammer large diameter grinder to the cylinder and valve inside is a processing finished products, to ensure the center to improve accuracy, coupled with special super processing and internal diameter grinding operations, improve surface roughness and product completion.