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Solder Rods Need To Be Top-notch, So That The Hardness Of The Brazing Rod Will Not Break
- Apr 25, 2017 -

To make the rods wear-resistant, the first to ensure that the use of steel is wearable material (recommended NM450, conditions almost with 30Mn2), in the use of heat treatment results. If the material is soft as (Q235B,20# steel), then what chemical raw materials should be added in the water? No need to add. How can the hardness strengthen AH? As long as the brazing rods are red, the faster the water cools, the higher the hardness. Another method is to use waste oil to fire, but this quenching method only applies to chrome steel materials. Quenching is to heat the steel to a certain extent, then rapid cooling, so that the internal structure of the steel changes, (iron crystals become meticulous and tight, coupled with forging, steel more closely) this makes the steel hardened. Different steels apply to different quenching methods, with low carbon content of steels with no hardness, such as ordinary wire. Medium carbon steels are suitable for water quenching, and your brazing rods shall belong to this category. High carbon steels are suitable for oil quenching, such as bearings.