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General Safety Requirements For Forging Machinery Use
- Apr 25, 2017 -

(1) Before work should be examined in detail whether the tool is good and strong, beating flowers, rupture, gaps, loose tools should be repaired or replaced. A sledgehammer, such as hand hammer, must be fitted with a barbed iron wedge. Hammer tops to smooth and clean. The hammer handle should be soaked in water before use. (2) stove should be built chimney L,J, furnace also to install smoke hood, gas to expel outdoor, the stove nearby must not have timber or flammable goods, and put a fire extinguisher. (3) Tongs must be suitable for the scale and shape of the workpiece, and the clamp handle should not be too detailed or cracked. (4) Cold Chisel quenching should be appropriate, found that there are flying thorns at any time to polish well, the top of the hit tool is strictly prohibited quenching. High carbon steels are not permitted to create a hit tool. (5) When two people play a sledgehammer, not mutually opposed, and should pay attention to hammer ups and downs, indecisive, prevent wounding. Well pay attention to drop hammer point, in case of hitting bias. Gloves are strictly prohibited, and no one is allowed to stand near before and after. (6) Palm fitter do not take the clamp handle straight to the body, finger forbid to reach two pliers handle inside, two feet cannot be near the anvil.