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Development Status Of Forging Machinery
- Apr 25, 2017 -

2010, China metal forming machine production of 261488 units, of which the CNC machine tool output reached 12207 units, the year-on growth is 18% and 8.1%, respectively, the numerical control rate is only 4.67%, it is evident that China forging machinery manufacturing industry and foreign developed countries are big gap. Similar to the machine tool industry, equipment upgrading, import substitution and export growth are important engines in China's forging machinery manufacturing industry. Compared with ordinary machine tools, NC machine tool has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and difficult to machining complex parts, and the substitution of NC machine tools is a major trend. At present, the domestic industrial enterprises to retain the manufacturing equipment to ordinary machine-based, the number of CNC equipment in general less than 10%, far below the world average level, downstream users of the production equipment upgrading demand can greatly increase the machine tool industry, especially the CNC machine tool-based enterprise sales revenue.