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Common Breaker Chisel Head Shape For Excavator
- Mar 16, 2018 -

The common excavator breaker chisel head, first of all refers to the flat-shaped drill rod, this type of excavator Breaker Chisel rod, in fact, refers to a straight head shape of the drill rod, its use of a wider range. The working principle of flat rock drilling is consistent with that of the cone quadrilateral. However, if they are in the same working environment, they will be more wear-resistant for the one-headed drill shank. Since their shape is more suitable for handling hard substances, all are flattened. Drill rods are better for crushing reinforced concrete.


In addition, such excavator breaker chisel heads will be more suitable for sedimentary rock or high-stiffness seams, and then for excavation and trenching of different kinds of soft and neutral layered rocks.


After that, the flat-head type drill rod of the excavator breaker chisel rod is used at the time of secondary crushing. Because it does not have the same sharp tip as a quadrangular drill with a shank, it is actually a blunt instrument, because it cannot be broken through penetration and ramming, and its wear rate only reflects In use length.


The secondary crushing in the drill head of such an excavator circuit breaker is, to put it to a large extent, to the crushing of medium-hard stones or broken small stones in order to make them. Flat head chisel rods can also act on broken brittle and hard objects, and are often used in metamorphic rock, sharp stone and slag. Its characteristics are that its energy will be released through the large surface of the flat head, this time will not produce torsional force, there is a better crushing effect.


The cone quadrilateral chisel rod in the drill head of an excavator circuit breaker is a relatively common one on the market. For this type of drill rod, there is more penetrating force. Even a very hard object can be easily separated by the force generated by its taper, including concrete that is not reinforced or slightly reinforced, and high hard rock, seamed rock, etc.


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