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which will affect the performance of the hammer
- Apr 25, 2017 -

1, nitrogen preloading pressure, resistance is an important factor affecting the speed of a movement, increase the nitrogen preloading pressure, the equivalent of the piston return to increase the resistance, the resistance is greater, the speed will inevitably be affected and decreased, then the return time will increase, but for the stroke, but the impact is not small, so the cycle is increased, the frequency decreases. In the stroke, the nitrogen preloading pressure increases, the effect of the force on the piston increases, the impact can also increase, efficiency with the increase of pre-charging pressure increases. 2, piston return to the length of the piston in the movement, in addition to the movement of the speed, the impact of the movement has the length of the piston return to increase the length of the equivalent of the movement of the path, but the speed of the piston has not changed, resulting in the piston cycle longer, efficiency. 3, the system input flow, in the other conditions are under a constant condition, increase the system input flow, can shorten the system internal to establish the pressure time, so that the cycle decreases, the frequency increases, and the impulse can be increased volatility, the decrease of efficiency fluctuations.