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When need to replace the Hydraulic Hammer breaker Chisel?
- Oct 31, 2017 -

In the face of some problems, in order to better complete the task, we need to replace the Hydraulic Hammer breaker Chisel. So what do you know usually under what circumstances do you need to replace the hydraulic hammer breaker pole? Here to understand the specific content of it!

As a result of prolonged use, the lower part of the Hydraulic Hammer breaker Chisel may appear to roll the deformation of the problem. It should be noted that once the end of the drill rod by the wear and tear, then in use is likely to be slippery problems, which is bound to have a negative impact on workmanship.

In order to avoid such a problem, then we need to promptly in the Hydraulic Hammer breaker Chisel polished sharp. However, after several times of grinding, its hardness will be reduced. And may also cause the gap between the drill rod and the guide sleeve to increase, then the piston can not accurately hit the drill rod, causing damage.


Therefore, in actual work, we need to regularly check the gap between the two, if the gap reached nine millimeters, it means the need to replace the Hydraulic Hammer breaker Chisel and guide sleeve. So what is the specific replacement step? What should I pay attention to when changing?

If you need to replace it, then we should first remove the deduction and drill pole removed, and then remove the old drill rod, when installing the new drill rod should pay attention to the need to pay attention to the Hydraulic Hammer breaker Chisel, then insert the drill pin. This should be done in the reverse order of disassembly.

It should be noted that, before the installation, you should first check the existence of various parts of the wear and tear, and other abnormal problems. If the Hydraulic Hammer breaker Chisel deformation, then need to be polished repair, and to apply the right amount of lubricating oil, and then install the hydraulic hammer circuit breaker drill rod.

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