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What should be noticed in the normal failure mode of the ATLAS COPCO flat chisel?
- Oct 24, 2017 -

【Summary】In order to use the ATLAS COPCO flat chisel better, ensure that it is in normal form of failure ( thread wear or fatigue fracture ), be sure to confirm that the threads on the ATLAS COPCO flat chisel and the mating sleeves are good ( preferably provided by the same manufacturer ); Specification ( drill rod diameter ) matching: large specification matches high impact power drill, the small size of the specification will be matched with the small impact rock drill. Otherwise, it will be easier to produce early fracture.

Next, when it comes to the normal use of the ATLAS COPCO flat chisel, we should check the wear conditions of the screw thread. When it is more serious, it should be scrapped in time to avoid the fracture in drilling process, resulting in greater loss. Next, pay attention to checking the bending conditions of the drill rod. When it is more serious, stop using it.

15 阿特拉斯 蒙特贝 KRUPP RAMMER INDECO平头钎杆1.JPG

The use of the ATLAS COPCO flat chisel should be stable when opening, it should be to pay attention to reducing the pressure parameters, so as to avoid the accidental damage. Next, pay attention to the rock or drill bit situation, timely adjust the parameters.

Because the quality of our country ATLAS COPCO flat chisel has a certain gap with foreign advanced products in view of this, the working parameters should be appropriately reduced.

With drilling and slag removal in compensation time, it is necessary to timely replace the drill bit on the ATLAS COPCO flat chisel, so as to improve the working efficiency of the drill rod. When the rock is soft, it should reduce the impact pressure and thrust on the ATLAS COPCO flat chisel so as to prolong the service life of the drill rod.