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What qualities should the MONTABERT blunt chisel have in the use?
- Oct 26, 2017 -

【Summary】The MONTABERT blunt chisel must have high fatigue strength, elasticity, rigidity and toughness. However, the strength and toughness are in fact contradictory. Because the rod body of the MONTABERT blunt chisel belongs to the slender rod. It is not suitable for the relatively complicated heat treatment, only through the best heat treatment process can obtain the better fatigue strength, elasticity, rigidity, and the comprehensive performance of the toughness.

The double screw threads of MONTABERT blunt chisel are the connecting parts of the drill group. When it comes to its failure mechanism, it is fretting wear and impact wear. In view of this, it will require the  screw thread surface has high hardness and wear-resisting. The core should also have enough toughness to prevent fracture.

8 阿特拉斯 蒙特贝 KRUPP RAMMER INDECO 钝型钎杆.jpg

The raw materials of the MONTABERT blunt chisel can realize its full potential after heat treatment. In view of this, the choice of material is often considered together with the heat treatment process.

A large series of the material of the MONTABERT blunt chisel is mainly composed of CrNiMo series alloy steel.The carbon content of the six-wing hollow steel is about 0.25%. The Ni content is about 3%.The representative steel grade is actually 25CrNi3Mo.

In the end, the heat treatment route of the material on the MONTABERT blunt chisel includes overall carburizing→ controlled cooling→ quenching of screw thread parts→ low tempering. The controlled cooling of the overall carburizing makes the rod body of MONTABERT blunt chisel get the hardness we need, and ensure the rigidity and elasticity of the rod body. 

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