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What is the moil point drill rod and its connection should meet what?
- Aug 19, 2017 -

[Overview] on the moil point drill rod, if it is on the rig, then it is not strange, because it is a necessary part of the rig, it can not be omitted, so that will say so. And from the current view, it is also a lot of types. Therefore, the next, will be one of the pointed drill pipe, to carry out their knowledge to explain the work in order to let everyone familiar with, rather than ignorant.

1. drill rod in the tip of a drill rod, its general, shape is what? If it is used to lengthen the flexible shaft, then, what are the benefits?

Drill pipe in the tip of this kind of drill, its shape, usually with a certain vertex angle of the arrow-like, so it will be called the tip of the drill rod. And its use of lengthening the flexible shaft, then, there are some benefits that can be done for some soil layers that can be drilled, and at the same time, to avoid the drill pipe shaking and so on.

2. What is the essence of this kind of drill rod?

A drill rod that, in essence, is a steel pipe that is primarily used to connect a rig surface equipment and a drilling device at the bottom of a drill, or a bottom hole device. Its specific use is to drill mud to the drill bit, and with the drill to enhance, etc., to carry out the subsequent process.

3. Which part of the drill rod is more important? In addition, the tip of the drill rod with buckle connection, then what should meet the conditions?

In the drill rod, the more important part is for the drill rod joint, and it has a male joint and a female joint, which is generally connected to both ends of the drill rod. In addition, it is in the specific type, there is a flat, eye, regular and digital four. The tip of the drill rod, which uses the buckle connection, then, it should meet the conditions that are equal for the size, the same type of thread, and the male and female buckle match the three, are indispensable.


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