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What is the difference between SOCOMEC moil point chisel and anchor?
- Oct 06, 2017 -

The same is the drilling and breaking tools, but the drill rod and bolt are two very different tools, especially the SOCOMEC moil point chisel. We can from their use, materials and uses of the way to distinguish what is SOCOMEC moil point chisel, what is the anchor?

It is clear that the SOCOMEC tip rod is a movable tool; the anchor is fixed and concealed in the formation. In the actual use of the process, SOCOMEC moil point chisel can be kept from the surface of the rock from the peeling off; and the bolt is always possible to loose the surface rock block firmly nailed to the mountain.



It is precisely because of this, SOCOMEC moil point chisel is mainly used for slope, tunnels, dams and other active reinforcement; and bolt use is different, it is used as coal mine roadway support the basic component, The surrounding rock of the roadway is tied together.

There are two different materials used in the production, SOCOMEC moil point chisel are usually made of high quality steel, can be used to connect the drill and drilling equipment. In contrast, the anchor has a wooden anchor, pipe anchor and threaded bolt and so on.

In order to ensure its use, SOCOMEC moil point chisel have been tested before they are used, including the tensile test, the main purpose is to test the tensile strength of SOCOMEC moil point chisel, only the standard product is qualified of.

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