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What is Rock Breaker Chisels and how to use and replace?
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Rock Breaker Chisels, which can be said to be a component of rock breaking machine, and, in essence, is also a drill rod, but it is used in rock breaking machine equipment, so, the Known as the rock breaking machine rod. So, hereafter, referring to this kind of drill rod, it is better to know and understand what it is, and how to use it correctly and rationally.


What is rock breaker chisels? Specifically, it refers to the piston rod and other components through the rotation, to drive the drill rod to work, that is, the impact on the rock, and then, to achieve rock crushing, to achieve the desired effect of use. Therefore, its specific role is for rock drilling and crushing.



Rock breaking machine drill rod, which is generally used carbide, and, is based on the hardness of different rocks to choose different hardness alloy drill head, so that according to need, to replace different sizes of alloy drill rod Bit, therefore, to get good results.


2. Rock Breaker Chisels in the direction of the drill and the operation of precautions

Broken rock drill rod, in the direction of the drill rod, in general, should be consistent with the direction of the arm, and drill and rock work surface should be as vertical as possible. If the drill and the rock surface is not vertical, then, when the rock is broken, the drill may have problems such as slipping, which in turn, affect the work efficiency and quality. Therefore, there will be this specific requirements, in order to ensure the quality of operations.


Rock breaking machine drill rod operation precautions, which is:

(1) You can properly increase the downward force to improve work efficiency. If in one direction, can not effectively break the rock, you can change in one direction.

(2) Do not continue the crushing operation of the drill rod at the same position, because this will make the rock drill rod temperature is too high, and then have an adverse effect, and affect the operating efficiency.

(3) Rock breaking machine rod, it is not leverage, therefore, can not be used as a lever. In addition, its use is generally not damp.


3. Rod replacement

Want to replace broken rock drill rod, which is a certain step, so the following, to a brief explanation.

Rock breaking machine rod replacement, the specific steps are as follows:

Broken hammer lay flat - Remove the plug at the stop pin - Knock out the stop pin - Knock out the flat pin - Take out the old drill rod - Apply the right amount of butter to the new drill rod head - Fit the pin position - Install - Flat pin - hit stop pin - hit the plug.