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What is a flat drill rod? How to use it ?
- Dec 06, 2017 -

When it comes to flat drill rod, first of all, it is used in the second crushing. Because it does not have the same sharp tip as a conical drill rod or a drill rod, it belongs to the blunt instrument. Because of this, the flat drill rod will not break the object by penetrating and hacking operations. The wear rate will also be reflected in the length of use.


With respect to the secondary crushing in which the flat drill rod is located, it is meant to be further reduced for the purpose of the crushing of medium-hardness stones or ruptured small stones. To a large extent, flat-bottomed drill rods are used to break brittle or hard objects, including metamorphic rocks, sharp stones and slag.


On the characteristics of flat drill rod, the energy will be released through the flat surface of this large, will not occur twisting force, there is a better crushing effect. In the normal use , to a certain extent, pay attention to the choice of the applicable flat-head drill rod according to the rock status.


In addition, flat drill rod hole in the time to pay attention to some stability, reduce the air volume, after the footage into the 150mm, normal air volume work. Otherwise, easily lead to the local cemented carbide head load is relatively heavy, leading to its damage; in the drilling depth of ≥ 2000mm, when you have to use drilling operations, short brazing openings, long drill continued drilling extension As a result, the overall life of the drill rod can be increased.


Finally, the flat drill rod in use, when the plate-shaped alloy edge ≥ 3mm width of the platform when the timely stop grinding; in the case of severe wear alloy ball tooth wear to be discontinued; flat rod in the Homework, the head appeared inverted cone should be discontinued grinding, eliminate the look down tapered, to avoid the appearance of brazing.http://www.hengyichisel.com/