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What are the types of failure of the tip of the Breaker moil Point Chisels?
- Nov 07, 2017 -

At present, the domestic design and production of Breaker moil Point Chisels,although the echnical and production level has been a lot of progress, but in order to better adapt to the development of the market, need further Improve the overall processing level.

This is because if the production level does not meet the requirements, then not only will lead to Breaker moil Point Chisels product quality is not stable enough, and its reliability and service life is also difficult to guarantee. For example, in practical applications, after being affected by some factors, there may be a failure situation.

And because of the different working environment, coupled with the impact of different factors, so the failure of the circuit breaker tip rods also include several types of failure. Combined with the actual application of the situation to analyze the case, the early form of damage, including the lead plate, the middle of the rod and under the tip of the brazing drill; brazing with a burst and pile top;


In these damage cases, one of the more common problems is fatigue fracture. We should know that, in fact, the circuit breaker tip drill rod in the course of work often bear the impact, bending, corrosion and so on. So in the long-term repeated by the force of the case, due to damage and there will be some cracks.

In this case, with the extension of the use of time, will eventually lead to the circuit breaker tip rod fatigue fracture. The process of fracture can be divided into three stages: in the first stage, mainly after the role of alternating stress, the local micro-cracks, and gradually extended; the second stage, the cracks continue to grow, Resulting in an effective cross-sectional area.

In the final stage, the cross-section of the breaker tip will continue to decrease and eventually fatigue will occur when stress is reached that is difficult to withstand the equivalent of tensile strength. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the Breaker moil Point Chisels, then you can use normalizing, quenching + tempering and other heat treatment to achieve this goal.

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