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Using tips for breaker
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Proper operation will help to speed up the crushing operation. When the operation is lacking, the force of impact can not be completely manifested. Meanwhile, the impact force of the crushing breaker will rebound to the main body of the hammer, the fender and the manipulator of the engineering machine, etc., and cause damage to the above parts.



Conversely, when the level of operation is too large, causing the front of the construction machinery lifted, perhaps it will make the the construction machinery in an instant forward because of the breaking, and cause the damage to the main body and the fender beacuse of the hardly hitting by stone.       

When running crushing operations, make sure that the direction of the point of the drill rod is perpendicular to the surface of the broken object and is maintained as often as possible. If the surface of the breaker is in a skewed state, the chisel may slide from the surface, in which case the drill rod will be damaged and the piston will be affected.  

Please choose the appropriate impact point when breaking. And make sure the drill rod is stable and then strike again.


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