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There are some things that must be prohibited in the operation of the moil point rod
- Dec 04, 2017 -

When it comes to the prohibition of moil point rod, the first point to be said is that the moil point rod should not fall directly to crush the stones. If the rod is dropped directly to rubble, the hammer or the excavator will be subjected to greater force, so that to a large extent, easy to damage the excavator or loader parts.


In addition, excavator boom above the cylinder rod stroke when the maximum, be careful not to use a moil point rod to hit the homework. When the excavator or loader cylinder rod stroke is at a maximum, it actually means that when the cylinder rod is completely extended or retracted for gravel, damage to the cylinder and its excavator or different components on the loader may occur .


Then, tip drill rod in the operation, be careful not to use a hammer to suspend the object. It is not allowed to attach a rope to the drill rod to suspend the object. This may cause damage to the hammer or the bracket and the drill. However, this operation is very dangerous. And in winter time also pay attention to start the engine 5 to 20 minutes after the preheating, followed by the operation of the hammer.


Next talk about drill tip when using the tip drill rod, on the method of top-notch, should pay attention to the drill rod hardness should  be strengthened.


At this time, we should pay attention to the tip of the rod should be heated directly to the red state to hammer with a hammer beating the top, after the tip of the tip drill rod heated to maroon, pay attention to put it into the cold water Broken fire treatment, however, in terms of their own words should pay attention to the material according to the tip drill pipe to control the temperature .