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The wear resistance and quenching method of CP-RX moil point chisel
- Oct 13, 2017 -

CP-RX moil point chisel in the use of the process in order to have a certain wear resistance, the first use in the need to ensure that the use of steel is wear-resistant material, so that the use of materials in the heat treatment effect will be good, To make the hardness of the CP-RX moil point chisel higher, in the process of work only need to burn the red burner, the faster the water cooling, so that the higher the hardness.

CP-RX moil point chisel in the process of processing can also be used in the process of scrap oil, but this quenching method is only applicable to chrome steel material, in the process of quenching is mainly to heat its steel to a certain extent, and then Rapid cooling, this will make the internal structure of steel changes, it will make the steel hardened.

CP-RX moil point chisel in the course of the operation, the different steel for different quenching methods, under normal circumstances, low carbon content of steel quenching hardness, such as ordinary wire. Medium carbon steel for water quenching, your drill rod should belong to this category. High carbon steel for oil quenching, such as bearings. If the water quenching, then the material will be broken, easy to break and collapse.

CP-RX moil point chisel holding time is the time required for the heat transfer of the workpiece and the completion of the tissue transformation, generally depending on the type of steel, heating degree, heating equipment and maintenance and operation.

CP-RX moil point chisel if the use of alloy steel than the carbon steel thermal conductivity is poor. Austenite a long time, so the requirements of longer insulation time. The height of the heating is high, and the time is short and the maximum length of the building is reduced, and the length of the heat is slow, and the time is short and the length is reduced. The length of the time is shorter than that of the heating. ratio.