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The way to improve the use efficiency and life of the hydraulic breaker chisel
- Jul 19, 2017 -

In the actual operation will find that if the hydraulic breaker chisel be used after a long time, all aspects of performance will be much less than before, including its use efficiency and service life. This is also a normal phenomenon, of course, if you want to improve the use of hydraulic breaker chisel efficiency and service life is possible, as long as master the basic knowledge and related use skills.

First of all, before using the hydraulic breaker chisel, must be correct and fully grasp its operation manual content, to prevent the use of the destruction of hydraulic breaker chisel, in order to effectively control them, so that it is in an efficient state to achieve the desired use effect.

Secondly, do not peck holes in the rock with hydraulic breaker chisel; When the hydraulic piston is in full shrinkage or full extension of the time, can not be related to the operation, so as to avoid damage to it; once the hydraulic hose of the hydraulic breaker chisel is found to vibrate violently, it is necessary to stop the operation to check.

Usually, in addition to the hydraulic breaker chisel can be immersed in the water, other ancillary components are not allowed to do so. And in addition to the corresponding scope of use, hydraulic breaker chisel cannot be used as other uses, Avoid affecting the use performance of the hydraulic breaker chisel.

Of course, it is also very necessary to understand the internal structure of the hydraulic breaker chisel , so as to rationalize it. In addition to the structure, material of hydraulic breaker chisel selection must be correct, the quality of the product itself can not be ignored, in the selection must be repeatedly validated.

In a word, only when the hydraulic breaker chisel has excellent quality, the operator is fully familiar with the structure of the case, in the correct way to use, in order to enable its effectiveness to work, thereby improving the use of hydraulic breaker chisel efficiency and service life.


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