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The use of flat head drill rod and installation requirements
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Flat head drill rod is the current mining and infrastructure construction projects in the use of very important tools, the domestic use of each year can reach 9t, flat head drill rod in the installation of its hand-held or leg-type pneumatic drilling on the use, Its tail handle is the face of the face, will directly withstand the impact of its piston.

Flat head drill rod end of the quality to a certain extent, will directly affect the life of its equipment, the manufacturers of the product users and the drill rod is tail handle end of the proposed high quality requirements, the major manufacturers at this stage The lathe is equipped with a self-designed clamping device.

Flat head drill rod in the use of its wear if it is more than 45 mm above, regardless of the occurrence of any form of damage, are not in the compensation range, the customer in the use, because of its raw materials and heat treatment and other reasons the quality problems can be effective Replacement and return based on replacement criteria.

The flat head drill rods need to be checked effectively before installation. Is the plunger of the crusher smooth and the presence of the defective guide is too large. If any problems occur, repair and replace the drill rod.

Flat head drill rod in the effective into the stones or concrete, see the stones and concrete is the case of its fracture, if there is no need to move to a certain distance to hit until the break can be pulled down, not hard to avoid Broken pole.

Flat head drill rod in the usual use of the process, must not be used as a lever, such as used to pry stones, etc., so very easy to break into its products, drill rods can not be hit in a long time, long time hit Playing a little easy to cause the tip of the drill tip is too high, so that the durability of the product will be reduced.


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