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The Usage of Chisels for Breaker and Its Application
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Do not you know if friends have used Chisels for Breaker? Do you know what the specific method is used? Often, when using Breaker Chisels for drilling, you need to use the left hand to hold the chisel, the right hand holding the hammer, and in the course of the treatment should keep it on both sides of the uniform shaking. 

The reason for this operation, mainly in order to drill in the Chisels breaker when drilling, and will not hurt the product, but also to prevent the folder to the chisel body, but also help the wood from the hole tick out. In order to ensure a good treatment effect, chisel head will generally be polished and rust treatment. 

In addition, the whole chisel body of the Chisels for Breaker should be smooth and symmetrical, and there is no pimple or potholes and other undesirable problems. And the edges and corners of the paint should be handled properly, so as not to drop paint. Chisel above the plastic cover must not contain a clear smell and keep it clean. 

In order to meet the different requirements, we use the Chisels for Breaker can be made of different materials made of. Its style is mainly sharp, flat two, generally used in chisel stone, trench, punch, the workpiece to the edge of the use of plastic surgery. 

In the present case, the shape and type of the Chisels for Breaker are different, such as one of them is a flat chisel. The chisel's knife-edge is flat, and the knife-edge and chisel looks like an isosceles triangle, mainly applied to open a square hole or a repair of some square holes. 

Of course there are some other types, the other is a commonly used Breaker Chisels is a chisel, this chisel knife edge was 45 °angle. Its knife-edge and chisel body is a right-angle triangular structure, usually used for repair work.

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