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The technique of using hydraulic breaker
- Jun 01, 2017 -

How to using hydraulic breaker correctly, serving enterprise better, cutting the cost, are the main problem that we encounter. Next we will expound further.


moil point chisel

1. Read the operating manual of hydraulic breaker carefully to prevent damage of hydraulic breaker and excavator, and operate them effectively.

2. Before operation, check the bolts and connectors whether loose or not, and the hydraulic lines whether leakage.

3.  Do not use a hydraulic hammer to peck at the hard rock.

4. Do not operate the breaker at the full extension or full shrinkage of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod.

5. When the hydraulic hoses are violently vibrating, the operation of the hydraulic hammer should be stopped, and the pressure of the accumulator should be checked.

6. Prevent the interference phenomenon between the boom of digging machine and the drill bit of hydraulic hammer.

7. Do not immerse the hammer in the water except the hydraulic hammer chisel.

8.  Do not use the hammer as a lifting device.

9.  Do not operate the hammer on the side of the digging machine tyre.


moil point chisel

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