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The quality of brazing rod depends on heat treatment process
- Apr 25, 2017 -

In order to meet the needs of mine production and engineering construction, the hydraulic drilling machinery is introduced in China. Heavy-duty hydraulic drill truck with its energy, high efficiency. Low energy consumption, low noise. The advantages of high reliability, have been widely used in mining, water conservancy, tunnels, highways, railways and other rock drilling operations, the domestic heavy metal brazing market is further expanded. But due to the late start of the research of brazing steel, the relative backwardness of production management, compared with the internationally renowned brazing steel products, the domestic rock drill has a certain gap in the use performance, product quality, variety specification and so on. Domestic brazing products are at a disadvantage in the market competition. In the entire brazing process, in addition to the raw material factors, the heat treatment process is the most key to determine the brazing rod, and the screw thread failure of the drill rod is mainly the emblem of wear and impact wear. Thus, the failure problem of drill rod is the common existence, which directly affects the quality of products, the credibility and survival of enterprises. Abrasion, corrosion and breakage are three main forms of drill rod failure. The abrasion failure caused by friction is the main reason for the failure of drill rod, and some 70%-80%. The damage of drill rod is caused by various forms of abrasion.