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The moil point drill rod is a tool for connecting the drill bit and the rock drilling
- Oct 07, 2017 -

The use of drill rods is the connection of drill bits and drilling tools. The general use of drill rods for hexagonal hollow steel and hollow garden steel, hexagonal hollow steel inner diameter of 22mm and 25mm, hollow steel outside diameter For the 32mm and 38mm, steel drill with finished steel brazing and forging steel brazing, finished the brazing is a certain length of forging straight after the straight installation of the drill bit chiseled, forging steel brazing is required to hollow hexagonal steel cut, And then forging forging machine forging and drilling brazing head, and then installed drill bit chisel.


Mine drill hole commonly used drill bit for the type of alloy steel drill head, but also in the hollow into the hollow when the use of cross-type alloy drill head; Y-type alloy drill head and X-type alloy drill head, but the cost of a drill bit Low, one type of alloy drill bit for the mosaic, in the steel drill bit on the mosaic of a solid carbide, carbide can be reused after grinding, drill bit size is generally 36mm --- 44mm.

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