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The main function and force analysis of KRUPP blunt chisel
- Nov 10, 2017 -

In the current market, we can see a lot of different types of structure of the drill rod products. For the user, in order to meet the requirements of the need to choose from a most suitable for their own products. Which has a more special product called KRUPP  blunt chisel. So what is the effect of this so-called KRUPP  blunt chisel product in practical applications?


In fact, we found that, in general, we mainly use this KRUPP blunt drill rod to deal with a variety of surface is not smooth, the focus of instability of the broken material, easy to break and the hardness is not high Material. For example, can be used for crushing coal ash, slate and concrete. Its work in the process, mainly by means of vibration to complete the broken items.

8 阿特拉斯 蒙特贝 KRUPP RAMMER INDECO 钝型钎杆.jpg

Therefore, we believe that this KRUPP  blunt chisel is a very important hammer accessories, this is because the hammer mainly by impacting the drill rod so that the items broken. For now, the product is mainly used for secondary crushing, that is, has been  broken objects or moderate hardness of the object again broken. Because of its structural design is rather special, and therefore do not have a strong penetration.


Because of this, in the course of the use of this KRUPP  blunt chisel often appear to wear parts concentrated in the length. The product can also be broken fragile, hard objects broken. So, you know that the product in the course of the operation, mainly by what aspects of the force from it?


In the process of crushing, the KRUPP  blunt chisels are often subjected to axial alternating compressive stress and tensile stresses from the piston's longitudinal wave, as well as the bending stresses due to the eccentric impact of the piston , Including the transmission torque and other factors caused by the torsional stress and a variety of friction and so on.