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The Location and Reason of the Breakdown of the RAMMER moil point chisel
- Sep 23, 2017 -

RAMMER moil point chisel itself has a good performance, but in practical applications, if improper operation, or the use of excessive, it may lead to its fracture. So, you know RAMMER moil point chisel of the broken parts are mainly concentrated in what parts? Let's find the specific answer below!


In fact, due to a wide range of factors, so RAMMER moil point chisel parts of the fracture is not the same. Such as the end of the end of its broken form, mainly the top and the top of the pile. The reason why such a situation, the reason, not only includes the manufacturing process and the defects of the brazing steel itself, but also the actual application conditions and have a great relationship. For example, due to the impact of the center is relatively easy to cause the top of the brazing.


In addition, at about 50 millimeters from the rear end of the RAMMER tip, there may be fatigue breaking from the inside, which is mainly due to the poor transition of the water pinhole. In addition, the common parts of the fracture also includes the shoulder of the transitional arc, this fracture is often there is very uneven fracture, and fatigue crack propagation area is very small and so on.



In fact, the reason for this is due to the fact that the radius of the bottom arc of the RAMMER tip is too small, or the radius of the arc of the drill and the shoulder does not match, resulting in stress concentration and fracture. In addition, forging defects often cause the middle of the brazing shoulder to break the situation, mainly starting at the tip of the water hole cross-section mutation, and then from the inside to produce fatigue cracks, and finally extended until the fracture.


In other words, due to the impact of certain factors, so RAMMER moil point chisel different parts of the rod may be broken problems. Therefore, as a user, we need to pay attention to the use of protective measures, as far as possible to extend its service life.

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