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The Importance of Heat Treatment and Maintenance of SANDVIK moil point chisel
- Sep 30, 2017 -

SANDVIK moil point chisel is made of high quality round steel, in its production and processing, the first round steel after the heat treatment, after the ball annealing and then further processing, after a series of processes to make the brazing Rod forming.


It is important to note that the SANDVIK moil point chisel heat treatment steps, although the proposed selection of salt bath furnace, but because of salt bath furnace strict control, so most of the enterprises to pit carburizing furnace-based. The SANDVIK moil point chisel heat treatment process to the overall quenching, sub-tempering is better, the effect is more ideal. In addition, after the molding of the SANDVIK moil point chisel also need to shot, coating, packaging and other follow-up processing, so that it can directly into the sales link.


The quality of the drill rod is also a consumable, because its long-term operating medium for the ore, roadbed, concrete, ships, slag, etc., making SANDVIK moil point chisel tip  in the work process easy to wear, although this is normal Phenomenon, but if the daily maintenance does not pay attention to the renewal of the inner jacket and butter filling, then SANDVIK moil point chisel will be broken at the end of the phenomenon, the consequences are more serious.



It can be seen, even if the quality of the branded products SANDVIK moil point chisel, the daily use of its process also need to regularly check and maintain, so that it can maintain a good state of work, and as much as possible to extend its service life.


The SANDVIK tip is a tool consisting of an elongated hollow drill pipe and a drill bit inlaid with a rocked carbide. During the actual rocking process, the drastic wear of rock ores and high pressure water and mine water Erosion and corrosion conditions, SANDVIK moil point chisel and drill bit to bear the pull, pressure, bending, twisting and other forces and the high impact of the rock drill, so in order to reduce the frequency of replacement, you must choose the regular manufacturers of products.

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