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The Function, Structure and Joint Classification of hydraulic hammer drill rod
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Do you understand the hydraulic hammer drill rod? From its structure, the product is mainly made of steel pipe, and its wall thickness is generally 9 to 11 mm. Typically, the body and the joints of the two parts into the structure of the body, the general use of friction welding and joint welded together. The main function of the hydraulic hammer drill rod is to transmit torque and transport the drilling fluid.

From the above description, we can understand that, in fact, joints are also an important part of the hydraulic hammer drill pipe. The main can be divided into male and female joints, usually connected to the ends of the drill pipe body. In order to properly strengthen the connection effect of the joint, it is usually necessary to appropriately increase the wall thickness of the pipe body at the joint portion. If it is based on the wall thickness of the case to classify, then the main can be divided into thickening, thickening, inside and outside thickening in three forms.

Hydraulic hammer drill rod products include many different models, so that the user can provide a greater choice for flexible choice. In contrast, the product in the production has a great advantage, because it is particularly using a more advanced friction welding process, so the quality of the product performance is more powerful.

For this reason, in the practical application, the product was able to play a good performance. Therefore, in practical applications, the hydraulic hammer drill pipe to meet the requirements of straightness. In general, the joints are made of high quality alloy structural steel, and also carried out vacuum conditioning treatment, which makes its anti-fatigue strength and shear resistance has been greatly improved.

In addition, from the structural design, the hydraulic hammer drill rod also showed a very good feature. Because the structural design of advanced and reasonable, so its weight and so has some advantages. Under normal circumstances, the product is commonly used in coal mine gas exploration, geological survey. Of course, as a user, we also need timely maintenance to extend its service life.

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