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The connection of the KRUPP moil point chisel and the drill bit
- Sep 20, 2017 -

In general, in order to meet the requirements of the use, so in the link drill bit and KRUPP moil point chisel, you need to meet these requirements: 1, drill bit disassembly and installation should be more simple and convenient; 2, easy to manufacture , Fast and reliable connection; 3, the higher the energy transfer efficiency. So what do you know about the commonly used links?


For now, the more common way to connect in fact there are two, one is the threaded connection. The other is the cone connection. The use of threaded connection of the hammer drill bit structure consists of two: 1, drill head with a male thread, which is mainly through the connection sleeve and KRUPP moil point chisel to connect; 2, drill head with a female thread, A drill rod with male thread is connected.


In contrast, in practice, the latter connection is more common. Due to its structural characteristics, so the use of female thread, the diameter of slightly larger than the diameter of the male thread. Generally in the connection will exist after more than 25 mm gap, so this connection KRUPP moil point chisel in the case of a certain punching pressure, there may be some deformation.



If the connection is made with a cone, then this connection is in fact an interference fit, it is generally the KRUPP moil point chisel into the cone of the drill hole. After the friction through the contact surface, so as to complete the impact force and torque transmission, to ensure that the two do not appear loose or slip and other issues. This connection is relatively simple, generally used in small diameter drill head.


It should be noted that if the use of the cone connection, then the selected parameters and accuracy of the connection quality will have a more important impact. In general, the lower the cone angle, the better the connection of the KRUPP tip and the drill bit, but the worse the disassembly.


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