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Teach you how to use the breaker hammer correctly
- May 11, 2017 -

 For breaker tools, how to use it in the working? In fact, there are some skills.Let’s find It,I hope it will be useful to you.

moil point chisel

moil point chisel

1.Use the appropriate downward force can improve the efficiency of the hammer.

2.Adjust the position of the hammer, if the stone cann’t be broken to pieces ,you should find a new job location to restart.

3.The breaker hammer can not be continued used at the same position for a long time, the head of the chisel will intense heat,softening the point,thus causing it in to “mushroom” , then reducing the efficiency of operation.

4.Do not use the chisel as a lever.

5.Blank hammering in general this is any situation where the hammer position strikes the top of the demolition tool,but the working end is not in proper contact with the rock or concrete to be broken.This includes jobs where the tool slides off the work and also when breakthrough of thin concrete slabs or boulders occurs..

blunt chisel

blunt chisel

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