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Structural Comparison of Flat head chisel and Their Available Materials
- Nov 17, 2017 -

Flat head chisel, which is one of the drill rod, but also the commonly used one, so familiar with the specific type of drill rod  is very necessary, because  can Use it rightly and reasonably in practical work, thereby benefiting you and bringing good economics.


1.Flat head chisel and drill rod the general comparison of structure

Flat head chisel, which is one of the drill rod, so its composition, the basic components are same with the ordinary drill rod, that is a drill rod body, drill bit and shank Three parts. If it needs to be installed on a machine, it is also easy and convenient to operate.


2. Flat head chisel failure specific reason analysis

Flat head drill rod, if its use in the process of failure, then there are some related factors, is the quality of the drill rod, the use of steel, heat treatment process, as well as the structure of the drill rod itself and so on. And, among them, the heat treatment of the drill rod is the main factor, therefore, the correct choice of the heat treatment process of the flat head chisel is nessary, and at the same time to reduce energy consumption, so as to avoid the problem of the drill rod failure.


3 drill rod treatment process based on the choice

The drill rod on the flat head, which is a lot of processing technology, so the choice of treatment process, there is a certain basis, so as to ensure the correct choice. The choice is based on the basic requirements of drill rod, drill rod used materials, as well as drill rod in the manufacturing process steps , etc., in addition, there may be other. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be given so that a correct judgment can be made.


4. Use materials

Flat head chisel, which can be used in the material, is alloy steel, specifically speaking, is a low-carbon high-strength alloy steel because it is more suitable, and,  have good results. In the process, is the first molding, and then the overall carburizing and air-cooled, followed by quenching and tempering. Next, it is sandblasting and corrosion and other surface treatment, so as to ensure its service life and effect.