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Service Life of brazing rods
- Apr 25, 2017 -

The working environment of the Crusher is very bad, if not correctly used, the life of the crusher will be very short, so how to prolong its longevity? The correct maintenance of the crusher, can be very good to prolong the service life, so in the maintenance of the host while we should also pay attention to other maintenance, as follows: 1. Safety check of the equipment: between the operation should be examined whether the clearance between the solder rod and its liner conforms to normal state; there is no oil leakage, if there is a breakdown of low-pressure oil seal has been found in time for professional repair. Also note that the bolt is loose, the connection shaft is worn excessive. 2. The lubrication degree of the equipment: before the crusher work or after continuous use of 2-3 hours, the working device should lubricate the point. 3. The use of hydraulic fluids: the quality of hydraulic fluids varies depending on the working environment, then we need to judge to judge the good or bad hydraulic oil, the judgement method is very simple to observe the color of oily, if the deterioration of the situation is more serious, should be put off the oil, the need to clean the tank and oil filter, and then inject new oil. 4. The main body of the crusher is a set of precise parts containing the hydraulic circulatory system, and if there is no special equipment factory can not let the decomposition of their own, must be sent to the professional repair office.