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ROTAIR moil point chisel life by what extension
- Oct 10, 2017 -

In the actual use of ROTAIR moil point chisel when the user's operating habits are not good or do not pay attention to the time for a long time, on the ROTAIR pointed pole in a very large extent, A direct occurrence of the phenomenon of fracture. It is precisely because of this, we are in the operation of the drill rod to pay attention to some things before they can guarantee the life of the drill rod.

In order to improve the life of the ROTAIR moil point chisel, first of all, we should pay attention to it should be directly to the use of appropriate downward force in order to improve the efficiency of the drill rod itself. Then, on the other side, in fact, we should pay attention to should be to adjust the position of the drill rod, the drill rod in the impact of the operation can not be broken when the rock, it should be noted that should move to a relatively new Job location can be.


Speaking of ROTAIR moil point chisel to be broken operations, it can not be carried out in the same position, if it is to be in a position on the long-term operation, then, in terms of, to a large extent, It will make the drill rod temperature has increased, followed by another aspect, in terms of its extent, in fact, it will reduce its own hardness, so that the bottom of the drill bar will be up to roll, In this way, that is, it will reduce the efficiency of the operation.

In addition, the ROTAIR moil point chisel in order to extend its service life, then we actually have to pay attention to not directly on the drill rod as a lever to use.

Then, when using the ROTAIR moil point chisel, it is also necessary to pay attention to the water in the case of equipment to prohibit the operation in the water. ROTAIR moil point chisel before leaving the equipment, in its great extent, in fact, it should be noted that should pay attention to reduce its arm, to confirm its equipment is not in a relatively safe state. It is prohibited from leaving the equipment in the state of its operation.

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