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Reasons for Local Damage of Rock Breaker Chisel
- Sep 04, 2017 -

In practical applications, I believe there will be a lot of friends found Rock Breaker Chisel products often have local damage problems. In general, the damaged parts of the Rock Breaker Chisel product, in fact, mainly concentrated in three places, one is the drill rod and hit the piston in contact with the site, one is the drill rod and lock pin contact parts, there is Fatigue damage occurs in a certain part.

These cases are actually more common, then, you know why such a situation? Here we are together to analyze the reasons for the next, hoping to help to everyone. First, the Rock Breaker Chisel and hit the piston contact parts of the main reasons for the damage include three aspects: 1, parameter settings unreasonable, such as pressure, flow adjustment is too large; 2, the liner wear too large, such as drill rod in the lining Sleeve skew; 3, air hit.

In addition, theRock Breaker Chisel in the application of the second cause of the damage also includes three aspects, namely: 1, air play; 2, for some reason, resulting in fixed pin damage; 3, fixed pin operation unreasonable.

There are several reasons why: First, the use of too frequent, and the lack of appropriate maintenance and maintenance measures; Second, the bar selection is unreasonable; Third, due to improper use , Resulting in greater toughness to combat objects; Fourth, in practical applications, in the same position to combat time is too long.

From the above analysis of the content, we can understand that, in fact, mainly because of these reasons, will lead to Rock Breaker Chisel local damage situation. We would like to remind you that when using a rock drill rod to operate on a surface that is not perpendicular to the surface of the object, it may cause it to break and require attention.

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