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Reasons for Bending of concrete breaker chisels
- Oct 25, 2017 -

In the use of concrete breaker chisels, often encountered a problem is the emergence of bending phenomenon, then why is there such a problem? Here we focus on this issue analysis, hoping to help you find out the main reason.


After analysis, we found that in the production of concrete crusher drill rod in the process, if the arbitrary over-forging without attention, then it is likely to lead to its parts were hit by a greater force. So that after being affected by the force, prone to bending deformation or damage and so on.


Another reason may be due to the manufacturers in the production of concrete breaker chisels in the process, due to the heat treatment when the part of the processing due to improper causes of drill rod bending. In addition, it may also be due to the user during the use, because not in accordance with the requirements of the standard operation, resulting in bending.


Under normal circumstances, if the concrete breaker chisels hardness is within the normal range, then it is more likely to break. But because of its lack of hardness, and therefore there will be some toughness, so when affected by external factors, it will bend.


From the above description to analyze the words, in fact, if the concrete breaker chisels appears to bend, then the main reason is the production of production, which can contact the manufacturer to deal with.


Of course, users also need to pay attention to the use of concrete breaker chisels, not only to ensure that the operation of the norms and reasonable, but also should be properly maintained and maintained in order to facilitate the concrete crusher rods better serve us .

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