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NPK moil point chisel impact operation and work requirements
- Oct 20, 2017 -

NPK  moil point chisel are used in the same direction as the direction of the jaws. The surface of the drill rod and the working rock should be as vertical as possible. If the surface of the NPK  moil point chisel is not vertical, the drill may slip The Broken, the first fully adjusted steel drill, in the case of stability, select the rock hit point for the impact of operations.

In the shocked chisel system with the joint, the drill tip, the drill rod and the drill bit are connected by a GS or MF joint into a drill set to convey the impact energy and torque of the rock drill. The tail of the NPK  moil point  is fixed in the rotary sleeve of the rock drill, which is subjected to piston shock and torch torque, and the other end is connected to the drill bit and collides with the rock in the crest.


When the piston impinges on the end of the drill, the piston has an axial force acting on the drill rod, and the rock has a reaction force which is passed to the drill rod, where the NPK  moil point chisel receives axial compressive stress. When the piston retracts, the axial compressive stress of the drill rod disappears, but at the same time, the drill rod will bear the axial tensile stress due to the change of the soft and hard reflection of the rock and the stress wave reflection condition.

In the piston and drill tail, drill bit and rock and drill sets and drill with the shoulder of the impact of the process due to the impact of vibration, asymmetric impact, drilling eccentric resistance, drilling a variety of positions when the direction of the eye when the NPK  moil point chisel Oblique component and self-gravity, the drill rod itself bent to the rock drill axis and drill rod.

NPK  moil point chisel in the course of the work need to master the height of the rock drill, the direction and the amount of intake, so that the rock drill shaft thrust moderate to the blasthole, drill rod and rock drill is always in the same straight line to prevent the drill rod Bending pressure. Choose a reasonable drill bit shape, reduce the card brazing.