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MSB flat head drill rod performance characteristics and operating precautions
- Dec 15, 2017 -

Under normal circumstances, people mainly use the MSB flat rod to achieve the purpose of secondary crushing. This is because it does not have the same sharp tip like a conical rod, belonging to a blunt instrument. Therefore, in practice, MSB flat rod can not penetrate and hack work to crush objects, And its wear is also mainly in the use of length.


The so-called secondary crushing, in fact, refers to the medium hardness of rock or broken stones have been crushed, mainly to make it further smaller. In addition, MSB flat rod can also be used to break brittle, hard objects, such as metamorphic rocks, sharp stones and slag.The main product of this product is pride and the ability to release a lot of energy with the help of this large surface of the flat head without any twisting force and good crushing effect.


About MSB flat head drill rod machining process, the general is selected in the material, the first heat treatment of ductile annealing, after the proposed CNC machining lathe, CNC milling machine.Followed by a heat treatment step, preferably a salt bath furnace,However, most manufacturers use well-type carburizing furnace, and then the processing technology for shot blasting, painting, packaging.


It should be noted that in the daily use of MSB flat head drill rod, in order to ensure the normal use for a long time, so need to understand the precautions.First of all, during the operation, appropriate downward force should be adopted to improve the efficiency of the hammer.If you can not crush the rock directly during the crushing process, you need to change to a new working position.


Remember, in the operation of MSB flat head drill rod process,Should promptly replace the appropriate location for crushing operations.Otherwise for a long time in the same position for crushing operation, will lead to the temperature of the brazing,To reduce the hardness, not only will affect the operating efficiency, but also accelerate wear and tear.