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Moil point rod packaging, application and use of attention
- Nov 28, 2017 -

When it comes to the moil point rod, which is used to impact the way to crush the coal, concrete and road surfaces and trimming tunnel with pneumatic tools. In this case, the tip-mounted equipment will be used to cut and break the soft surface during mining; in fact, we should also be aware that in the case of the open-cut mine, it is also used for the extraction of clay as well as its soft rock; in civil engineering and subway construction can destroy solid or frozen formations and for drilling, perforating and trenching purposes.


About the moil point rod packaging, different types of packages is not the same, usually using the box, each box will be installed on the 20, five layers of corrugated packaging, the outside will be 6 bags. Other packages are about the same, but the specific number will be adjusted.


Then, pointed drill rod will also be used in mines, mountains, mining, quarrying, grid sieve, secondary crushing. Its application in metallurgical ladle, slag cleaning, can play demolition of the role of equipment. Again, we must pay attention to the fact that it can also be used for repairs on freeways, as well as for crushing concrete and for excavation.


In addition, the moil point rod will also be used in the excavation of the railway tunnel and its trimming, but also can be applied to the demolition of the bridge and embankment. In the municipal concrete crushing and water and electrical engineering construction and the transformation of the old city more or less will use pointed drill rod.


Last but not least, the first thing to note when using the tip drill rod is to be careful not to use the tip drill rod as a lever. Second, we must also be careful not to be able to continue air strikes. After the tip rod inserted into the object can not be left and right swing, so to a large extent, to ensure vertical operation. And in the use of time to pay attention to the provisions of the operating angle and scope.