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Moil point drill rod heat treatment process and how to replace the new one
- Nov 09, 2017 -

【Overview】 Rod, in its specific type, there are many, such as pointed drill rod, flat head drill rod, blunt drill rod. In the following, a description of the moil point drill rod will be given, starting from its basic aspects, so that everyone can know and understand this specific type of drill rod.


Application range and belt without slot

Moil point drill rod, which in the scope of application, is for some of the accuracy of the crushing work. Therefore, it applies to the general crushing operation, but for those crushing accuracy of the work, does not apply.

Moil point drill rod with no groove, which in terms of drill rod, it has a certain influence, at least, on the pointed shape of the drill rod, is certainly influential, because in both cases, the pointed shape are different.


Heat treatment process

(1) Choose the foundation

The heat treatment of the Moil point drill rod can be said that this is an important task because it will affect the finished product quality and the effect of the drill rod so that it can not be taken carelessly. Which should choose which heat treatment process, mainly to see the rod material. In general, rod material, is used for brazing steel. Therefore, the correct choice of steel in order to correctly select the heat treatment process, and, in turn, to ensure the quality and life of moil point drill rod.

(2) basis and basic requirements

Basis: Basic requirements and failure analysis of moil point drill rod.

The basic requirements: the right heat treatment process, heat treatment process is correct, and, heat treatment should not have any quality problems.

(3) follow the principle

Tip drill rod in the heat treatment should follow the principle of reasonableness, feasibility and economy of these three. Through these three principles, to select and determine the appropriate heat treatment process.

(4) to determine the standard

Determine the choice of heat treatment process and the moil point drill rod whether or not to adapt, mainly to see whether the drill rod in the service life has been extended, and in the use of performance, whether increased.



IF normalizing process in the production of moil point drill rod in the position

Moil point drill rod manufacturing, should be placed on the median frequency normalizing more appropriate? This question, from the current point of view, there are two answers, one is placed on the length of the straightening cut, the second is placed on the brazing tail quenching and tempering. However, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, they should choose according to the actual situation. If it is mass-produced, then choose the former, and small-batch production, it is the latter.


Moil point drill rod replacement

If the drill rod problems, and can no longer be used, then, is to replace the new, so as to continue and normal use. Therefore, first remove the old drill rod and then lubricate it, then install the new moil point drill rod.