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Many aspects of protection forged chisel to maintain a good state
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Any drill rod after a long period of time after use will have a certain degree of wear and tear, which is a normal wear and tear, forged chisel will be a similar phenomenon. In addition to normal wear and tear, because of human or other external factors, forged drill rod will also have some problems, we have to do is to take preventive measures.

In the process of using the forged chisel, if there is no timely and there will be small particles with the internal impurities clear and clean, it may lead to the top of the drill rod fine cracks. So as a user forged chisel, be sure to pay more attention to the operation, and do the appropriate preparation work, do not ignore the details. Moreover, once the user found that there are tens of millions of cracks on the crack, then do not continue to use, so as not to make the crack continued to spread, the problem will be further expanded.

Second, in different working conditions, the type of forged chisel may be different, if the user can not be based on the actual conditions and requirements for the selection of suitable forging drill, then it is likely because of mismatch and cause some undesirable phenomena.

It seems that the matching problem with the drill rod is also very important, in addition to matching and process requirements in line with the product type, but also learn to test forging the quality of drill rod, we must choose the regular production of manufacturers forged chisel, so not only the full range, more selective, and quality, service and so are guaranteed.

The other is not properly grasp the use of forged chisel tips, including combat time, crackdown, etc., in order to make the chisel better adapt to the working conditions, as much as possible to do some warm-up line to adapt to working conditions And then the normal operation, so as to make the work of forged chisel full play.

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