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INDECO moil point chisel of the correct choice and reasonable use
- Sep 29, 2017 -

INDECO moil point chisel is one of the commonly used products in the industry, even so it also includes many models, in the selection of time or have to pay attention. Not only that, but also careful when using the INDECO moil point chisel, so as to ensure that the use of the effect at the same time help to extend the INDECO moil point chisel life.


In the selection of INDECO moil point chisel, according to the rock conditions and construction conditions to determine the use of drill rod specifications, drill rod length, connection, drill head form and diameter. When the drilled pole is used to break out abnormally, it is necessary to adjust the blasting method and select the appropriate drill rod in time.


Although the quality of INDECO moil point chisel is reliable, but in the use of the time still need to have enough cooling water, but also on water pressure, water and other aspects of the corresponding requirements. Only in all respects, INDECO moil point chisel can help us to improve the speed of drilling, but also to prevent INDECO moil point chisel in the use of temperature rise.



At the same time, do not use heavy objects hammer INDECO moil point chisel and drill rod for improper marking, once the drill rod surface scars and sharp gap, it is also likely to cause INDECO moil point chisel premature failure, Can not achieve the desired effect.


In addition, the INDECO moil point chisel should be kept in a dry place to ensure that it is not rain and water; and whenever the work is completed, keep the INDECO moil point chisel surface dry, and the drill bar erect Placed in a more dry place, to avoid corrosion due to shorten the life of INDECO moil point chisel.

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