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Hydraulic breaker blunt chisel structure design, material selection and repair process
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Hydraulic breaker blunt chisel is not only one of the main components of broken materials, but also an important part of crushing equipment, its structure, material and so are carefully designed to help improve the past, similar parts easy to wear problems, making The service life of the blunt chisel is extended.

From the structural point of view, in the crusher at the rear of the blunt chisel is provided with a chuck, and in front of the buckle and the groove is locked with the card slot; and crusher blunt chisel on both sides of the design There is a unique knife-edge, in order to facilitate the break in the broken before and after the shock surface relative to the remaining edges and corners, so that after the break also to further dressing.

The material, according to the crushing machine blunt chisel size and the use of working conditions are different, the choice of materials are different, such as water for 12kg below the crusher blunt chisel, should choose a certain toughness and hardness of the dominant Manufacturing materials; and for 50kg pressure crusher blunt chisel, should choose high toughness, super high manganese steel manufacturing.


There are some 90kg and 125kg Hydraulic breaker blunt chisel, must use high toughness materials, and supplemented by other comprehensive performance of the manufacturing material, for example, in its working surface coated with a thin layer of cemented carbide, it will greatly improve the pressure Crusher blunt chisel wear resistance.

In order to extend the service life of the blasting machine, the above two aspects are not enough, but also need timely repair. When the Hydraulic breaker blunt chisel is worn, the manganese steel electrode can be used to repair the welding, and can be introduced into the welding metal reinforced carbide, in order to strengthen its performance.


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