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How to use hydraulic hammer tools
- Sep 08, 2017 -

【Overview】 First of all, we actually have to pay attention to is to carefully read the hydraulic hammer tool operation manual, this way, that is, to prevent the occurrence of damage to hydraulic hammer tools and excavators, and can effectively operate them. After the operation is also to be careful to check the bolt and the connector is not there loose phenomenon, then, pay attention to look at the hydraulic pipe is not a leak phenomenon.

Then, be careful not to use hydraulic hammer tools in the hard rock pecking holes; can not be in the hydraulic cylinder of the piston rod is fully extended or full shrinkage operation under the hydraulic hammer. When the hydraulic hose appears more intense vibration, we actually have to pay attention to the operation should stop the hydraulic hammer, and we actually have to pay attention to check the accumulator itself, a pressure.

To prevent the excavator boom and hydraulic hammer tool drill between the phenomenon of mutual interference, followed by, in fact, we also note that in addition to the drill, the hydraulic hammer can not be immersed into the water. Then talk about it, it can not be used as a lifting device for lifting hammer. Do not operate hydraulic hammer on excavator track side.

Hydraulic hammer tools and hydraulic excavators or other construction machinery installation and installation time, for its host hydraulic system work pressure and flow in terms of, to a large extent, in fact, should pay attention to meet the hammer itself, a technical parameter Requirements, the hydraulic breaker hammer "P" mouth and the host high-pressure oil circuit to connect, "A" mouth and the host back to the oil circuit to connect.

Hydraulic hammer tools work, we actually have to pay attention to the best hydraulic oil temperature that will be at 50-60 degrees, the highest case, not more than 80 degrees. In view of this, we should pay attention to reduce the load of the hydraulic hammer tool, for its use of the working medium is concerned, under normal circumstances, the host hydraulic system oil should be consistent.

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