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How to tell a chisel is good or not?
- Jun 07, 2017 -

With the price competition getting more and more intense, many manufactures choose inferior raw material to reduce the cost, but as a result, the wear resistance is decreased, using hour is shortened. At this point, they will lengthen the chisels, to extend the service life. Customers do not know the short working time is because of the low quality material, and mistakenly thought the longer chisels are always use longer time than the short ones. When in a really bad situation, the chisels used defect material will show their true colors.


moil point  rod

    The lengthened chisels do not have the longer service time than the high quality chisels. However the lengthened chisels have more flaws and risks which the users can not see. The lengthened chisels will increase the possibility to break during working, and will increase the cost of the users. The longer chisel will lower energy percent conversion , weaken hammer power, and lower the working efficiency.


wedge chisel

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