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How to properly maintain the MONTABERT moil point chisel
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Normally, the working platform of the MONTABERT moil point chisel is actually poor, so if the user is not working properly in the process, it will further shorten its service life. Obviously, the correct use of the method, coupled with the correct maintenance and maintenance, will be able to extend the life of the Montebeck tip. So how to extend its life?


As a user, how do we do the so-called maintenance work? First, before using the Monteberg tip, we should develop a good habit of carefully checking, mainly to see whether the gap between the drill rod and its bushings is within the normal range; whether there is oil in the system Leakage problems, if there is leakage, then the low-pressure oil seal has been damaged, it should be promptly repaired.


In addition, the staff should also pay attention to see the connection part of the bolt is loose, but also pay attention to see whether the connection axis wear and so on. Second, the working point should be lubricated before the work of the Montebeck tip, or after 2 to 3 hours of continuous operation, to ensure smooth operation.


In addition, users also need to pay special attention to the hydraulic oil during the use of the MONTABERT moil point chisel. Of course, in different working conditions, the quality of hydraulic oil changes are not the same, so we need to judge the color of the oil according to the situation. If necessary, hydraulic oil should be replaced in time to ensure proper operation.


Need to remind everyone that, because the main body of the MONTABERT moil point chisel is a set of precision components that contain the hydraulic circulation system, so if it is found that after the exception, it is recommended that you do not despise it privately, it should be sent to a professional maintenance office for maintenance

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