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How to grind the brazing head
- Apr 25, 2017 -

When grinding cemented carbide brazing head, must grind the casing first, then grind cemented carbide. When repairing the shell, it is advisable to use the granularity as the 40^-50 mesh. The hardness of the medium-hard or medium-grade alumina grinding wheel gas wheel circumference speed of 25 m/s; repair in the gold film, preferably with a particle size of 40, 150 mesh hardness for soft or medium-level green silicon carbide grinding wheels, grinding wheel circumference speed of 18-20 m/s. A planar grinding wheel is usually worn with a zigzag brazing head, and a angular grinding wheel is used for the cross-shaped brazing head. The grinding head can be a thousand, wet two ways. Wet grinding is used in 1.0^2.0% soda solution plus 2% soap water or 3.0^3.5% soap water solution to do coolant, its dosage must not less than 5-6 liters/cent, and continuous supply. 1000-type grinding is not the coolant of the thousand grinding, at this time should be strictly prohibited water supply or grinding heat of the head of the water in the cold, lest cause alloy slice or cutting edge collapse. Grinding the blade should greet the grinding wheel rotation direction, pressure should not be too large (otherwise may cause grinding wheel explosion), and should swing around. In principle the brazing blade must be repaired according to the original design shape, after grinding to use the model to inspect its blade angle, gap angle and blade radian (Fig. 4-14), sharp angle and blade ribs must be worn.