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How to force a broken hammer rod
- Apr 25, 2017 -

Currently in the domestic underground mines are used for drilling vertical or inclined upward fan openings. My company in the deep hole drilling work, R32 brazing rod and YGZ-90 type pneumatic guideway type Rock Drill TJ90 bench or the use of drilling vehicles. R32 brazing Rod in the process of drilling to withstand shocks, torsion, bending and other loads of complex alternating stress, rod body surface to be subjected to intense rock wear and core holes by the impact of mine water and erosion, failure more frequent. R32 brazing Rod as a high cost material for middle-deep hole drilling, the quality of the mining cost has a great impact, so it is very important to stabilize and improve the quality of the brazing rods. In the process of drilling, the drill rod piston 2000-300 () sub-high frequency impact, in the rock drill rotation and thrust of the joint action, the crushing of rocks, its main force is: (1) from the Rock drill piston shock waves produced by the axial alternating compressive stress and tensile stress. (2) The bending stress produced by the eccentric impact of the piston of the rock drill. (3) When the rock drill rotates, the torsion stresses induced by the torque of the brazing rod and the pinch brazing of the rock are transferred. (4) The friction in the drilling process is subjected to the rock in the bore wall. (5) Additional vibration and impact loads arising from the drilling process.