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How to extend the life of the Breaker Hammer Drill Rod
- Aug 30, 2017 -

From the current point of view, in fact, the application of Breaker Hammer Drill Rod is more extensive, so how to extend the hammer drill rod life, which is what we need long thinking things. And want to achieve this goal, you need to start from a number of aspects to solve, which mainly from the material, production technology and use of the use of face to face to consider.

In other words, from these aspects as much as possible to break through the weak links, which continue to improve  the process requirements. First of all, we can consider from the material up to be improved. In fact, to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the breaker hammer drill rod material is to reduce its internal and external defects, one of the main methods, but also to ensure the basic conditions of its life.

Secondly, we also need to improve from the production process. To know, if you can improve the production process, then you can make the breaker hammer drill rod with better performance quality and longer service life. In addition, in practice, should also grasp the correct method of operation, but also should comply with a reasonable management system, which can also be appropriate to extend its service life.

Third, we can also consider the structural design to strengthen the use of  breaker hammer drill rod performance. This can also reduce the damage acting on the drill pipe while ensuring its operating speed. And thus can achieve the purpose of extending its service life.

In general, due to the work environment is more harsh, and the work attributes determine the  breaker hammer drill rod is often subject to a variety of forces. Therefore, its service life is often shorter. With the continuous development of modern rock drilling machinery, fully enhance the life of breaker hammer drill rod is a matter of urgency.

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