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How to clean the black mud in the hammer
- Jun 05, 2017 -

The reason of the hammer hydraulic system black oil is not only caused by the dust, but also may be due to the injection of butter is not standardized, in the replacement of tubing, steel pipe, oil filter and other hydraulic accessories, you need to clean the interface at the dust or debris to loosen the replacement. How to handle it correctly?

8 阿特拉斯 蒙特贝 KRUPP RAMMER INDECO 钝型钎杆.jpg

flat chisel

1.Timely replacement of dust-proof, not often in the partial hit。

2.Correct use of butter posture.

3.Add the oil filter device, add the water spraying device, reduce the dust outside.

4.The upper and lower bushings wear out too much, replace the bushings.

5.Regularly check Inlet valve is bad or blocked.

6.Note whether the chisel dimensions match the bushing.

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